Top 5 Web Based RSS Readers Make Your Blogging Easy

We know RSS aggregator with the name of the RSS feed, RSS submission and this is a wide area of study and we can’t explain all the things about RSS in a small article. Here are a large number of RSS aggregators, however we will discuss top 5 sites for this purpose.

RSS Submission

Google Reader

As we know Google is on the top on the all search engines such like that Google reader one of the best RSS readers. The company started work on this project in 2005, and at that time there was no reader available so the goodwill of Google reader could be a timely incentive as this is used for the previous 7 years. Now a large number of users have created different type of plugins for different type of browsers that can transform Google Reader, now we can read on a number of platforms.


The second top reader is the Bloglines and they are providing services for submission of RSS since 2003, but they were not popular at that time and could not provide better services. Now this is one of the easy to use reader to share and publish what you read. It provides many interesting facilities to the bloggers for transforming the list of blogs on their site into a blogro with simple matter to import and export contribution.


MySyndicaat could be another aggregator for you to provide good RSS submission services. This is a limited aggregator and few bloggers are using this as there is no facility of adding keywords from the search engines to your content which you can see easily as an RSS feed. However it gives you the option to to find relevant content and eliminate duplicates related to your blog.


MyAlltop makes easy reading for multiple blogs. There are a large number of directories for blogs and you can add your site you had like to keep an eye on to MyAlltop.


If you don’t know know the name of NewsIsFree so just take a look of this reader and you are handling a news website you should have to visit this reader and made some RSS aggregator for report writing and article writing on your site. It would be helpful for you to get breaking news you just need to pay only $25 to $75 a year in price.


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