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All about the WordPress CMS

Before starting discussion on the WordPress CMS, we should be familiar with the real meanings of the term. Well, CMS stands for content management system. Web development is not a child’s play as it requires a lot of experience and hard work. All the web developers are fully aware with the knowledge of CMS and they do appreciate its importance.


Web development is a wider term and includes a lot of things. Mainly, two types of content management systems are being used nowadays for the purpose of creating sites. First one is WordPress and the second one is drupal. Both of these systems are used to develop a CMS based website in an awesome way. Majority of the people prefer using the WordPress because it is easy to manage as compared to the drupal.


A developer can easily get a ready-made wordpress theme from around the internet. This theme can be modified in several great ways according to the requirements of the users. Multiple themes are conveniently accessible from the net and developers can make best use of them. Developing a website also depends upon the nature of that particular site. All the plugins and themes are added after analyzing the nature of a site.

WordPress CMS has a lot of amazing features that can help a developer in creating an astonishing website. The features include:

  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Plugins
  • Mobiles
  • Multi-user and Multi-blogging
  • Other important features of note

This particular content management system has a very bright future because most of the sites are being created using it. Though wordpress CMS has numerous features yet, Template system and plugin architecture are among prominent ones. According to a research about 22% of the new websites are produced using the wordpress CMS. This figure really defines the significance of this system. However, it really does not mean that other content management systems are worthless. They are also being used world over for the purpose of making wonderful websites.

Another research tells that 16.7% of the Alexa’s top sites are based on the wordpress. The CMS is based on MYSQL and PHP.


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