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Personal Blogs Values

Many people like to make their blogs as they are very famous in their profession and they want to make some informative portal on internet to provide specific information to their fans and a personal blog is one of the best ways for this purpose as blog designing is going popular among people.

Personal Blogs Values

Here is the list of Top 50 Personal Blogs is as follows:

Neil Gaiman is on the 1st position

The 2nd place existing by Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden

John Scalzi is in 3rd place

4th place is on the Bruce Sterling

Avedon Carol is on 5th place

Here is the top 10 list that Paperback Writer and Kathryn Cramer on the 7 th place and Contrary Brin Charlie’s Diary and on the 10th place Matthew Cheney standing.

On the 11th place Jeff VanderMeer, and the 12th place have Nick Mamatas after this we talk about Ken MacLeod and Eizabeth Bear and Tobias Buckell are on 13th, 14th and 15th position.

Gwenda Bond, Scott Westerfeld, Nalo Hopkinson, Justine Larbalestier and John Joseph Adams are in top 20. After this come to the top 30 personal blogs that are as follows subsequently: Charles Coleman Finlay, Sarah Monette, Dr. Rivka Will Shetterly, Jed Hartman, Jay Lake, Jennifer Jackson, Robert J.Sawyer, Alan DeNiro, Hal Duncan.

Come the top fifty personal blogs as the names are as follows these are only the names and these
are only the Arthur D. Hlavaty, Feorag NicBhride, Holly Black, Anna Louise Genoese, Nicholas Whyte, Jonathan Strahan, Andrew Wheeler, Avram Grumer, Jeremy Lassen, Maureen McHugh, Group Blog, Jeffrey Ford, David Moles, Cherie Priest, Jo Walton, Chris Roberson, Marjorie M. Liu, Farah Mendlesohn Diane Duane the David Louis Edelman and Nick Sagan both are on the 50th number.

However Blog Designing is one of the growing professions as many people are going to make their own blogs and they are also earning money from them however, these are not private or personal blogs. On the other side it is also going to be famous.

Nowadays it is easy to make blog use any backlink booster however to earn money is not an easy process form this, as a large
number of people are converting to this profession some them are working properly and some are using some unofficial ways for this. So this is necessary to make a blog and work in a good way according to Google SEO terms and conditions.


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